Album Review // Muggle’s Mansion



HIGHGRND producer Code Kunst just released his third full album titled Muggle’s Mansion. The 15 track album features an impressive roster of featured artists, from YG Entertainment’s talented and soulful Lee Hi, to underground rap crew MKITRAIN’s Loopy.


After listening to the entire album, our favorite songs were:

3. This Is (ft. CJamm)

CJamm’s voice really compliments the jazzy vibes of this song. The bass instrumental in this song reminds us a lot of another favorite song of ours, Parachute (Track 11).

6. StrOngerrr (ft. Loco, Mino)

We’re not too sure why the O is capitalized or why there are three r’s but hey, the song is solid. Loco’s high toned rap is juxtaposed by Mino’s raspy voice and makes for yet another amazing song on the album.


9. Cruz (ft. Loopy, PUNCHNELLO, Uglyduck)

After standing front row at MKITRAIN’s show at The Belasco in Los Angeles, we immediately became fans of the crew and all its members. We’re also huge fans of Club Eskimo, so it was a no-brainer that Cruz would make it on our favorites list. As for Uglyduck, we’re more used to him rapping on hard core hip hop songs, so seeing him rap in this jazzy, mellow track was a refreshing change.

10. X (ft. Lee Hi)

Last but most definitely not least, X. Upon first listen, we had to pause the song at at the 0:15 mark because Lee Hi’s “flower~” had us shook. You can never go wrong with Lee Hi’s soulful and raspy voice on any track of any genre.

Overall, we rate this album a 9/10. Yes. that’s how much we loved it. We’ve been huge fans of Code Kunst ever since HIGHGRND’s inception and this album definitely didn’t disappoint. Don’t forget to show some love for the title track, Fire Water (ft. G.Soul and Tablo).

 If you’re new to Code Kunst and liked what you heard, be sure to check out his other albums Crumple, and Novel.


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