Album Review // G2’s Life, Pt. 2

Rapper G2 recently released Part 2 of his album G2’s LifeHere’s a breakdown of our favorite tracks.

2. Bread (ft. A.C.T & Loopy)

G2 talk-sings more than he does rap in this song, but we love the beat! Loopy’s voice also goes really well with the vibe of this track.

3. Bang (ft. Bago, Los, & Dumbfoundead)

“I wake up, still don’t give a f*ck” – this song is our favorite from the entire album.

4. Valley (ft. Dok2 & Boobie Lootaveli)

You can’t go wrong with Dok2 featured on the track.

5. Knockin’ at the Door 

Not going to lie, because of his (arguably poor) performance on SMTM5, we didn’t have high expectations, but his refined and solid rapping in the song really impressed us.

Overall this album had a lot of great beats and changed our opinion of G2. We rate it a 7.5/10 and are definitely looking forward to what he comes out with next!

Be sure to let us know yor thoughts of G2’s Life: Part 2 in the comments below!



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