Rapper Of The Week // Osshun Gum

Rising artist Choi Ha Min (최하민), A.K.A Osshun Gum, most recently known for his appearance on the Korean Hip Hop reality show, School/Teen Rapper, has begun to take the Hip Hop scene by storm. Not only does Ha Min have a rap tone fit for the crashing waves of Hip Hop or the calming sea of R&B but, at the young age of 18, also has the capability of a great music producer and lyrical composer.


During the 1st episode of School Rapper, Ha Min performs with his first single and self-produced track, Osshun Waves. This performance led him to gain the recognition he deserves, not only by his peers, but by artists such as Swings, Mad Clown, and Chanyeol to name a few. We can only expect his career to blow up after the show and support the bright young artist on his way up.


Prior to his participation on the current reality show, it seems that Osshun had actually participated on Show Me The Money (SMTM4). Below are some screencaps of Ha Min screen bombing the Rhythm Power duo and waiting to be judged by Tablo. We can not get enough of his bright personality and quirky facial expressions!

(screencaps were taken from Hip Hop reality show SMTM4)


Including his well-known Osshun Waves track, Ha Min has a total of 4 self-composed songs which you can check out on his SoundCloud. He has also featured on tracks from a handful of underground hip hop artists including Acacy. You may know some of these artists and if you don’t, then you should. Check out some of the tracks ft. Osshun below. 



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