Khiphop Fest 2017 Recap

If you couldn’t make it to the show, then you missed out on some great performances and appearances! Let us give you the rundown on who was there and what went down.

So… you see, what happened was …

The show opened up with a performance by Maryland based artist and host for the night, @Trus Real He was also accompanied on stage by DC based rapper, @Ryan Lucas. They gave a solid performance to start off the night.


The second artist, @Ryan 0’Neal made hands go up as he took to the stage and handled the mic. The fresh and well known boom bap style of hip hop gave a feel of nostalgia once the beat was introduced. You can’t go wrong with the classics!


The next artists to hype up the crowd were @younghoyoungboss714 and @Donkali714 who were promptly accompanied on stage by Cycadelic Records artist and fellow 714 crew member, @Sikboy. The three raved the stage with their hard rap and mad beats to match.


Shortly after, @SaeByuk  and @BJ Kim were up to perform. The beat was a trip and their deep rap, plus the atmosphere of the venue, definitely set a mellow mood. This performance was the most easygoing of the night.


Compared to the previous performance, duo @Slez and hype man @Justin Cho came up with a BANG and some pretty sick dance moves. When an artist can groove to their own songs and enjoy their performance even with some technical difficulties, then we know they are doing music right. Your crowd is only as lit as you are!


Once he stepped out, Cycadelic Records artist @Display immediately took over the house but to our surprise, his set was met with technical difficulties. Despite him being cut off during his performance, he didn’t let it stop him from continuing with acapella. He might have been temporarily fazed and forgot his lyrics but he continued with his stage like a pro. All was forgotten when he brought out special guest @Cren who took to the beat with ease and a rap so smooth. Display also announced that we should look out for him on SMTM6 and show him support!


One of the most catchy hooks of the night was by @Apollo Loco who performed “GGM” which has not yet been officially released. If you missed the concert then look out for that and a new album! He was soon accompanied on stage by @Gemini who also mentioned recently that he is working on an EP. Together, they gave a great performance for the fans.


This was a Hip Hop concert but @Justin Park came out gracing the room with his sweet vocals on a unique cover of Drake – Fake Love. Besides interacting with fans, he also brought out a special guest, and fellow 5A label mate, @Demie who accompanied Justin’s vocals with her rap.


After such great performances, it was time for the headliners to hit the stage and once Just Music artist @Giriboy peeped the stage, the fans knew it was about to get lit! He attempted to speak to his non-Korean fans in English and the attempt was greatly appreciated. Language barriers did not stop fans from singing along with Giriboy as he performed and the whole crowd was turning up, hands high.


The final performer of the night was Just Music artist @Blacknut who was surprised with a “present” from a fan which he jokingly took and hung around his neck. He later returned it to the crowd and laughed it off. The adrenaline that Blacknut brought to the stage was rapidly absorbed by the fans and it makes for an amazing experience. If you get the chance to see Blacknut live then take the opportunity if you don’t want to miss his hype 100 diss!


Overall, the Khiphop Fest featured many USA and LA local artists that you may or may not have known but if you love Hip Hop or music in general, then support all these great artists who came out to perform! In addition,  Just Music artist and CEO @Swings was spotted at the concert showing support for Blacknut and Giriboy as well as former School Rapper contestant @Johny Kwony. We recommend attending the next Khiphop show because you might just find your next favorite artist!


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